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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Marriott Individual Incentive Awards program?

Marriott Individual Incentive Awards are products designed to be used as part of bona fide incentive, loyalty, or sales promotions program to motivate, reward, and inspire your target audience.
Marriott Individual Incentives offers three different types of Incentive Awards:

  • Currency Awards: Can be used like cash for accommodations, dining, recreation, spa services--even gift shop purchases at participating properties.
  • Stay Awards: Can be used for accommodations, applicable room taxes & breakfast for two the following morning and are valid for 15 months. Weekend Access Awards and Villa Awards do not include breakfast.
  • Experience Awards: Can be used for spa services, dining, or golf, and other leisure activities at any facility managed by Marriott. These awards are excellent incentives on their own, or can be combined with one of our Stay Awards.
Does Marriott offer virtual or electronic awards and cards?

Our stay awards are currently available as eIncentives (virtual awards). Our TravelCards will be available as eIncentives (virtual cards) in 2012.

Do you have Awards available in foreign currencies?

Our Marriott Cheques are currently offered in USD, GBP, Euro and Canadian Dollar.


What if I lose my Award?

Paper Awards are not replaceable if lost, stolen, destroyed, or expired. Plastic TravelCards, if registered on, can be replaced.

Can I earn Marriott Rewards points with my Stay Award?

No, you are not able to earn Marriott Rewards points on the portion of your stay covered with your Stay Award. Marriott Rewards members earn Marriott Rewards points for applicable incidental charges incurred during your stay. Join Marriott Rewards if you’re not a member.

How do I contact Marriott Incentives?

You can contact Marriott Individual Incentives via email at or by phone:

Please call on: +44 (0) 207 012 7054 outside AU Marriott Associates can visit us on Marriott’s Global Source


How do I purchase Marriott Incentive products?

The first step is to contact one of our sales managers to discuss your programme so that we may help you find the right product.

You may need to submit a description of your programme, as well as samples of any and all materials used in the programme for evaluation. All programmes using Marriott Individual Incentives would need to follow applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

To begin the ordering process, you’ll need to sign and return a simple Purchase Agreement, after which your first order may be placed. Please contact a sales manager via email at or by phone for pricing information or to complete an order:

Please call on: +44 (0) 207 012 7054

How do I pay for orders?

We accept all major credit cards and company Cheques.

Can I purchase a single Award certificate?

Yes, if your purchase is part of a qualified incentive programme.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

There's never a minimum; you may purchase any amount.

Orders and Shipping

What are the shipping and handling fees?

There is a shipping and handling fee of $25.00 (US) for orders under $5,000. There is no shipping and handling fee for orders over $5,000.

How long does it take for Awards to be delivered?

Allow 7-10 business days for orders to be processed and shipped.

Can Awards be customised for my company?

The front of each paper certificate includes a congratulatory letter section to award winners. We will be happy to customise this section with your copy, logo, and executive signature for a one-time print set up fee, please ask a Sales Manager for customisation fees. Or, if you prefer, we can leave the letter portion blank for you to customise. We are currently unable to customise TravelCards.

If I combine Awards to create a package, can Marriott provide airfare?

Unfortunately, we do not provide airfare. However, one of our Marriott Incentives specialists will be glad to provide the name and number of the appropriate contact person with the airline of your choice or an intermediary company that could manage a package programme for you.


Do Incentive Awards have expiration dates?

TravelCards have no expiration date. All other Incentive Awards have a 15 month expiration date from the time of purchase.

Does the full value of the TravelCard need to be redeemed at once?

The Marriott TravelCard is designed to carry a balance. For this reason, any value that is not redeemed on a single use will remain on the TravelCard to be applied to a future use. For Marriott Cheques however, no change will be given back for the unused portion.

How can I check my Marriott TravelCard Balance?

You’ll need to register your card at Once registered, balances may be checked and if the card is lost, it will be replaced.

Where may I find the list of properties where my Stay Award is valid?

You can visit for a complete list. You may also contact your sales manager via email at or by phone:
Please call on: +44 (0) 207 012 7054


Where can I locate my Stay Award number or name?

The Stay Award number and name is provided on the front of the Award certificate. If an eIncentive is ordered, this information is provided within the order confirmation email. If you can’t locate your email or Award certificate, please contact the provider of your Award.

Why am I required to provide my credit card number to reserve a Stay Award reservation?

Every Marriott reservation must be secured via credit card. A credit card is also required at check-in to cover the cost of incidentals such as long distance calls and meals. The cost of the room stay will be covered by your valid Award and not charged to your credit card.

How do I modify an already existing reservation so that the cost of the stay is covered by my Award?

To make changes online to an existing reservation, select the “modify” link in the reservation confirmation email that you received. If you can’t modify your reservation, call Marriott Individual Incentives Reservations at 1 800 251259.

If I need to cancel my reservation, how should I do so?

To cancel a Stay Award certificate reservation, please contact your hotel as each property may have a specific cancellation policy. You can also call Marriott’s Global Reservations at 1 800 251259 or visit the cancelation page on to cancel your reservation.