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Guest Rooms

Swansea family hotel rooms
Deluxe Double/Double Guest Room - Marina View
Swansea hotel guest room
Deluxe Double Guest Room
Deluxe Guest Room Work Area
Deluxe Guest Room - Work Area
Superior Larger Guest Room
Guest Bathroom


Lobby Bar
Cast Iron Bar & Grill
Rhosilli Breakout Area
Cast Iron Bar & Grill - Breakfast
Cast Iron Bar & Grill - Set Menu
Cast Iron Bar & Grill – Salmon Salad
Cast Iron Bar & Grill – Sundae

Recreation & Fitness

Indoor Pool

Nearby Attractions

Machynys Golf Club
Langland Golf Course - Aerial View
Three Cliffs
Three Cliffs
Cefn Bryn
Cefn Bryn
Waterfalls of Wales
Waterfalls of Wales
Gower Peninsula
Gower Peninsula
Swansea Maritime Quarter
Maritime Quarter

Events & Meetings

Swansea hotel event space
Gower Suite - Banqueting
Meeting venue in Swansea hotel
Gower Suite - Corporate Suite
Oyster Room - Boardroom Setup
Oyster Room - Boardroom Setup
Swansea hotel meeting venue
Tellin Suite - Group Brainstorming


Caswell room - Civil Ceremony
Swansea Bay Wedding
Swansea Bay Wedding
Catering - Cupcake Table
Catering - Dessert Table
Catering - Bubbly Bar
Catering - Gin Bar
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