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Lobby Sitting Area
Lobby Lounge
Moxy Monitor
Lobby - Second Floor

Guest Rooms

Moxy Signature Twin Guest Room
Moxy Signature Queen Guest Room
Moxy Signature King Guest Room
Moxy Sleeper Twin Guest Room
Moxy Sleeper Queen Guest Room
Secret Base Queen Guest Room
Moxy Signature Twin - Extra Bed
Guest Room - Headboard
Guest Room - Design Features
Guest Room - Work Desk
Guest Room - Mini Bar
Guest Room - Amenities
Guest Room - Coffee Maker
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom - Amenities
Moxy Signature Twin
Moxy Signature Queen
Moxy Sleeper Twin
Moxy Sleeper Queen
Secret Base Queen

Services & Amenities

Ironing Room
Guest Laundry
Humidifier with Air Cleaner
Children Room Amenities
Night Wear
Rental Cable


Weekend DJ NIGHT
Event & fair
Library - Sitting Area
Library - Communal Table
Communal Table
USB Ports & Plugs
Lobby Lounge


Moxy Bar
Breakfast - Noodle Station
Signature Flatbread
Moxy Bar & Lounge - Moxy Signature Coffee
Moxy Bar & Lounge - Cocktails and Mocktails
Moxy Lunch
Many Choices 24 Hours A Day
Moxy Signature Cocktail
Moxy Signature Coffee
Grab & Go

Recreation & Fitness

Fitness Center
Fitness Center
Fitness Center

Nearby Attractions

Shinsaibashi/Dotonbori Area
Shinsaibashi/Dotonbori Area

Events & Meetings

Library - Meeting Room
Library - Meeting Room
Library - Meeting Room
Library - Meeting Room
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