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Greensboro airport rooms
Front Desk
Greensboro high point hotels

Guest Rooms

Queen/Queen Guest Room
Queen/Queen Guest Room with Balcony
King Guest Room
King Guest Room
King Corner Guest Room
King Guest Room
Guest Room - Work Desk
Guest Room - Balcony
Guest Bathroom - Vanity
Guest Bathroom - Walk-In Shower
Accessible Bathroom - Roll-In Shower


King Junior Suite
Executive Suite
Executive Suite
Executive Suite
Executive Suite - Bedroom
Presidential Suite - Living Area
Presidential Suite - Bedroom
Presidential Suite - Bathroom

Services & Amenities

Concierge Lounge
Concierge Lounge - Breakfast
Concierge Lounge - Refreshments


Business Center


Due South Kitchen & Bar
Due South Kitchen & Bar
Due South Southern Kitchen & Bar - Seating

Recreation & Fitness

Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool
Outdoor Pool
Fitness Center - Ellipticals
Fitness Center - Weight Lifting
Fitness Center
Greensboro outdoor activities
Outdoor Recreation
Greensboro volleyball court
Volleyball Court

Events & Meetings

Greensboro conference rooms
Greensboro event venue
Saura Gardens
Greensboro event space
Emerald Room - Theater
Greensboro social event space
Emerald Room – Social Event
greensboro meeting rooms
Cardinal Room - Crescent Rounds


high point wedding venue
Weddings – Saura Gardens
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