Courtyard Key West Waterfront

3031-41 North Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West, Florida 33040 USA
+1 305-296-6595

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Front Desk
Lobby Sitting Area
Beach Boardwalk

Guest Rooms

King guest room
King Guest Room
Queen Queen Guest Room
Queen/Queen Guest Room
Guest Bathroom


Queen/Queen Suite - Living Area
Queen Suite
Queen/Queen Suite Bedroom
King Suite Lvg Rm
King Suite – Living Area
King Suite Bedroom
King Suite – Sleeping Area
Whirlpool King Suite
Whirlpool King Suite
Penthouse Suite
Penthouse Dining Area
Penthouse Suite - Dining Area


Bistro Seating
Media Pods
The Market
The Market
Business Center
Business Center


The Bistro
The Bistro
Bistro Communal Table
Communal Table
Bistro Signature Starbucks® Latte
Bistro Breakfast Sandwich
Avocado Toast

Recreation & Fitness

Swimming Pool
Outdoor Pool


Outdoor Patio & Boardwalk

Nearby Attractions

Tanning Beach
Tanning Beach

Events & Meetings

Meeting Room
Hemingway Meeting Room – Classroom Setup
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