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Studio Suite with King Bed
One Bedroom Suite - Living Room
One Bedroom Suite - Bedroom (King Bed)
Two-Bedroom Apartments - Living & Dining Area
Two Bedroom Family Apartment - Living Room
One Bedroom Suite - Bedroom (Twin Beds)
Two Bedroom Family Apartment - Bedroom
Executive Suite - Living Room
Suite - Kitchen
Two Bedroom Family Apartment - Bathroom
Studio Bathroom
Accessible Bathroom

Services & Amenities

Guest Service
24-hour Guest Service
Tuk Tuk - Hotel Drop Off Area
Courtesy Tuk Tuk Shuttle Service


Pool Side Evening Cocktail
Bar on 3
M 2 GO
Bistro M - Family Lunch
Bistro M - Breakfast Buffet
Bistro M - Meat Carving Station
Bistro M - Pasta Dishes
Bistro M - Breakfast Buffet

Recreation & Fitness

Outdoor Pool
Outdoor Pool - City View
Fitness Center
Badminton and Squash Court
Tennis Court


Golf Facility
Kid’s Club
Kids Activities


Thada Heritage Spa - Treatment Room

Nearby Attractions

Phrom Phong BTS Sky Train Station
Phrom Phong BTS Sky Train Station

Events & Meetings

Garden Lounge - Cocktail Setup
The Gallery - Coffee Break Setup
West Wing Meeting Room - Theatre Setup
Sukhumvit Meeting Room
The Boardroom
Pre-Function Area - Reception Setup
The Gallery Meeting Room - Classroom Setup
The Gallery Meeting Room - U-Shape Setup
Garden Lounge
Garden Lounge – Gala Dinner
Garden Lounge
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