The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok

61 Wireless Road (Witthayu), Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
+66 2 650 8800

Concierge Desk

Turn to our expert staff for restaurant reservations within the hotel and throughout Bangkok, as well as arranging tickets to cultural events, such as performances at the beautiful Patravadi Theatre or popular sporting events like Muay Thai matches. Allow them to suggest itineraries for tours and excursions to the many nearby temples, historical sites, and museums. Of course, they are always happy to recommend the best markets and shopping districts for local crafts, original artifacts, and treasured souvenirs.

From flight reservations to limousine service, they will handle all of your transportation needs with a meticulous attention to detail. Furthermore, they are pleased to organize the delivery of floral arrangements, cellular phone rentals, shipping and packaging, luggage storage, laundry services, shoeshine, medical services, and much more.

For more information or to make any arrangements prior to your arrival, please email our concierge staff.

Main Lobby

Destination Discoveries

A collection of luxury experiences has been curated by our Concierge team for guest at The Athenee Hotel.

A Voyage to Our Royal Roots
Join our Concierge team on a 40-minute “Explore our Royal Roots” tour of the hotel that reveals its treasured heritage. You’ll discover how the location previously hosted a former royal residence, Kandhavas Palace, how that fact has shaped the hotel’s design, and how the passions of the then-resident, Princess Valaya Alongkorn, inspire so many enchanting features.
Muay Thai
Our Luxury Collection Concierge invites you to develop a taste for Muay Thai. Thailand’s vibrant national sport, combines an unforgettable experience of what it means to be Thai with one of the best work-outs around.

Steeped in local culture, this mesmerizing martial art was developed centuries ago as a form of close-combat referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs”. The hands become the sword and dagger; the shins and forearms act as armor against blows; the elbow fells opponents like a heavy hammer; the legs and knees are the axe and staff.
Floral Journeys
In Thai, “Kandhavas Palace” spells “scented residence”. And indeed, our Princess Valaya Alongkorn was passionate about indigenous flora and plantations. What could be more appropriate than a 30-minute demonstration of how to make the perfect Siamese Potpourri or fold a royal lotus? It’s all part of our Floral Journey curated by our concierge.
Floral Journeys, Option A: Siamese Potpourri
The Siamese Potpourri, used to scent royal residences, dates back to the 16thcentury Kingdom of Ayutthaya. We use its authentic formula, preserved in a poem composed by a princess, to reprise the historic art and enchanting aura. Discover how it also reflects the then-Kingdom of Siam’s contacts around the region through the use of Javanese “Bu-nga Rampai”, bu-nga meaning “floral” and “rampai” meaning miscellaneous in classic Javanese.

After whichever activity you choose, you may also opt to complete your journey by enjoying a specially created royal afternoon tea.
Floral Journeys, Option B: The Royal Art of Folding Lotuses
In Thailand, the Royal Lotus is a symbol of purity worthy to pay homage to a Buddha Image and make offerings to Buddhist monks in various religious ceremonies. As for the royal art of folding lotus flowers, it is traced back to the Kingdom of Sukhothai in the 13th century when royalty began using lotuses in religious festivals, after which the practice spread throughout the land.

After whichever activity you choose, you may also opt to complete your journey by enjoying a specially created royal afternoon tea.
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