Venues at Hotel Goldener Hirsch

Traditional Hospitality

The Goldener Hirsch has carefully preserved its heritage since 1407. The Library, new Wine Cabinet, Pink Salon, Green Salon and Hunting Salon conceal the latest climate control and meeting technology. Natural light in all rooms is easy on eyes and attention-span alike. At private celebrations, presentations can be shown by beamer on a screen for an entertaining interlude. Flipping through the family photo album together is a perfect break between courses.

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Bright and welcoming is the Library (60 sq. m) on Goldener Hirsch’s first floor with a view out onto the famous Getreidegasse.

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Pink Salon

The Pink Salon is where we serve the famed Goldener Hirsch breakfast daily. The Pink Salon with its buffet of wood and marble is a master at metamorphosis. It is perfect for an intimate dinner. Together with the elegant Library, with which it is joined by double doors, the Pink Salon is especially exciting when set up for a dance or festively decorated cocktail party.

Green Salon

Even on its own, the Green Salon invariably impresses guests. Here smaller meetings, intimate celebrations or family cocktails are sure to be a success. However, the Green Salon can also be combined for a fête in the Library or Pink Salon. Then it becomes a changing room, an extension, or playroom for small guests. Combining configurations makes possible inspiring meetings with break-out sessions. Whether for interviews, as a boardroom, temporary office or elegant lounge, the Green Salon is your first choice.

Hunting Salon

The Hunting Salon adjoins the Goldener Hirsch Restaurant. Here up to 30 guests can dine in the elegant atmosphere of our prize-winning restaurant. Beneath historic arches you sit on banquettes along the walls at several tables or a single long table. Of course, we will be happy to open the Hunting Salon to combine it with the Herzl, whose kitchen prepares Salzburg country specialities.

Wine Cabinet

In the Wine Cabinet bidding farewell to the bachelor’s life is made easy, or raising a glass to a new venture. Here friends celebrate a longed-for reunion, and toast school’s end. Champagne corks. Also, a few steps from Salzburg Festival concert halls, the tranquil Wine Cabinet is perfect for a convivial gathering after enjoying music together.

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